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Bamboo Cocktail Recipe
While enjoying  a summer berry cocktail, consider adding another recipe to your bar repertoire.  While it does not actually contain bamboo, the cocktail more than likely derives its name from the surroundings of its origins.  Created in the 1890’s in Yokohama, Japan by Louis Eppinger, this variation on the martini is an excellent pre-dinner drink.  Eppinger was famous in his time for making the Grand Hotel a famous watering hole and many of his recipes made their way to the States eventually.  This one mysteriously became known as “Boston Bamboo.”

Here’s what you need to mix your Bamboo Cocktail:

    1 ½ oz dry vermouth
    1 ½ oz sherry
    2 dashes orange bitters
    2 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
    Lemon twist
    Olive (for garnish)

Here’s how to mix your Bamboo Cocktail:

    Pour the vermouth and sherry into a mixing glass filled with ice.
    Add the bitters.
    Stir well.
    Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
    Twist the lemon peel over the drink.
    Garnish with the olive.

Add some actual bamboo to your meal with a refreshing summer salad or grilled bamboo.  Visit Bamboo Flavors for the recipes!