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Bamboo In Green Marketing

More and more companies are cluing into the fact that we need more green and renewable alternatives for consumer goods and manufacturing.  As eco-friendliness becomes better for business and a more widely recognized social responsibility, a lot of existing products are changing to accommodate it.

Due to the ease of sourcing and growing it, as well as its incredible versatility, bamboo is high on the list of materials that are being adopted toward that end.  Depending on the way that it’s processed, the same material can replace both hard plastics and bamboo clothing.  And not only is that material practical for businesses to use, it’s one that a certain class of consumers are sure to respond to.

Framing PR in Green

Perhaps having that idea in mind, TexVisions, a maker of marketing displays, has recently begun offering bamboo versions of some of its products.  The environmentally beneficial material now serves to replace fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum that had ordinarily made up holders for signs, presentations, and informational pamphlets.

What’s good for TexVisions and good for the planet is also good for any environmentally friendly company that uses those marketing displays.  The bamboo alternatives can be attractive and eye-catching, and add to the public image created by the advertisement itself.  If your company is making a strong effort to go green and you want your customers to be aware of that fact, then you might want to pay attention not only to what advertising you display, but how you display it.

Completing the Picture

If a company is trying to model itself as a good steward of the Earth, discerning consumers might notice if their green PR campaign is framed in environmentally unfriendly plastic.  In addition to replacing that, a really conscientious company could complete the image by printing its green-themed advertisement on recycled paper or organic fabric.  Or it could even make bamboo a motif all the way through, and fill the eco-friendly display with bamboo paper signs or viscose-from-bamboo cloth.

Better yet, a public advertisement can be both eco-friendly and impervious to the elements by being made out of Eco-Leather.  Whatever choice a company makes in presenting itself to the public, there is certainly no reason to claim that its choices for environmentally sound practices are limited.  They are diverse, and they are growing.

Attention to Detail

This goes to show how far the need for renewables and green resources extends.  For individuals and organizations alike, true commitment to the environment isn’t just a matter of improving on the most visible procedures and products; it’s about paying attention to the little things.

Both the decision to offset its own carbon footprint and the decision of where to display its literature can say something about a company and its priorities.  Similarly, for the private consumer, both the car you drive to work and the sheets you sleep in at night can say something about you.