Eco-Friendly Bikinis
Summer is not just a time to protect your skin whether it’s with bamboo sunscreen, sunglasses or special summer skincare for infants.  It’s also a time to show some skin!  Eco-friendly bikinis are more and more common both on runways and sandy beaches thanks to a growing awareness among designers and a growing demand among consumers.

Ambika Bikinis takes the knitting trend to an extreme with modern, sexy bikinis that are made by hand.  That’s right, Ambika herself knits the bikinis to order using organic yarn and natural dyes.  (One suit even features a bamboo embellishment!) Ambika’s designs have even reached the pinnacle of swimsuit superiority having been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition!

More conveniently located for summer shoppers is the Eco Swim line by Aqua Green.  Available in Macy’s and Nordstrom, the bikinis are made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials.  This 4th-generation family-owned business takes the commitment to green beyond the bikinis.  Company initiatives range from a ban on the purchases of Styrofoam to sustainable fabric initiatives among fabric suppliers.

Bamboo clothing is already a summer-friendly option with it’s breathable fabric and lightweight, luxurious feel.  nikster offers adorably sexy bikinis made with bamboo fabric that pair beautifully with cozy cover-ups like an organic women’s tunic or an Uma Cowl Tunic by Yala.

Also using bamboo for bikinis is the online store Kaight, based in NYC.  Kaight’s goal is to “unite consumers with clothing and accessories that are smartly designed, ethically-produced and eco-friendly in nature.”  This season, Kaight is offering a Zuma Bead Bikini designed by KellyB made from 65% bamboo, 27% organic cotton and 8% spandex.

Bringing the funky tourist look to the forefront is H&M with their “H&M for Water” line.  Resort wear that features floral and palm tree aplenty prints, the collection goes beyond the bikini with dresses, shirts, one-piece swimsuits and board shorts made with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel and organic linens.  25% of the proceeds will benefit WaterAid, an international non-profit that provides clean water and sanitation to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Still getting beach body ready?  Work out in comfort with Women’s Cropped Bamboo Pants by Yala paired with a Bamboo Yoga Tank Top by Yala!

For more fun and eco-friendly style, visit Green Earth News Bamboo Fashion section!

Gucci Bamboo Bags

Bamboo Fashion is becoming High Fashion!  We already know that bamboo clothing offers the luxuriously silky feel of high-end fashion lines whether it’s a beautiful tunic or a classic organic dress or a tasteful tea-length skirt. Now one can have a high-end bamboo accessory to accompany a bamboo wardrobe.  Gucci, the ultimate in luxury, recently announced a new line of exclusive ‘One of a Kind’ New Bamboo bags for India, available exclusively at the House’s four boutiques in Mumbai and New Dehli.

The collection includes five New Bamboo bags available in three exclusive leathers:  glimmering gold crocodile, a gold perforated Diamante pattern on black leather and a refined pastel pink (the pink bag available in three sizes).  Though bamboo is only recently gaining in popularity, the New Bamboo is one of Gucci’s most successful handbag creations since its inception in 1947.

What makes the leather bags part of a bamboo line?  Well, the bags are exquisitely trimmed with bamboo fringed tassels and feature a bamboo closure.  While it would be wonderful to have a bag made completely from bamboo available from the high-end fashion house, the accents nod to what a plentiful resource bamboo is for India.

Making the bags a bit more unique (or ‘one-of-a-kind if you will), are the embossed “India Exclusive” tags on the mirror case.  The bags are available (sadly only in India) starting in September 2012.

The Bamboo bag is part of the Gucci artisan line, some of which are being produced in plain sight of the buyer in Italy.  In boutiques in Australia, some consumers are getting the chance to place their order directly to the maker.  Not only will their unique, ‘one-of-a-kind’ bag take shape before their eyes, but it will also feature the owner’s initials and a mark to say it was produced by “The Artisan Corner,” to make it truly original.

Five artisans have spent the last two months showing off their multiple years of experience handcrafting these beautiful bags by visiting Gucci boutiques worldwide to create their bags.  And, thankfully, the ‘New Bamboo’ bag is one of their most popular requests!

While the bags would take almost 14 hours to create in the Italian factory, they are able to compress the time because the bags’ component parts – python cuts with hand-inked scales and thin bamboo roots hand-sculpted for the handles of a design that hasn’t changed since 1947 – have been pre-crafted and sent from Italy.

Happy Father's Day: Reasons To Shower Your Dad With Bamboo Gifts!

Mothers tend to get all the credit.  But Dads need to be celebrated too!  Whether it’s the rough-housing or the steady hand they provide, the role of a father is important in a child’s life.  (And as active as they are during the day, all dads deserve a good night’s rest on comfortable bamboo sheets!)  Green Earth Bamboo is happy to help you spoil your dad with bedding or bamboo clothing!  From June 11 – June 17, receive $15 off all orders $100+ and free shipping on all $200+ orders.  Use the coupon code FATHER12.

And why should dads get a little spoiled this Father’s Day?

Well here’s a list of reasons that Dads are so important to their kids:

They helped us evolve:  In a 2010 paper from American Anthropologist, Gettler (the researcher) suggested that the teamwork between mother and father allowed for the evolving of our species.  Men, who carried the children through the nomadic lifestyle, were able to stronger, and more virile, leading to more children.  Women, on the other hand, were able to reproduce more often as they were not expending large amounts of energy carrying the children as they moved from camp to camp.

They helped keep us healthy:  From a young age, interaction with fathers tend to be more about wrestling, playing and running around while mothers are the soothers and huggers.  Because dads are more about the “rough and tumble”, they help to keep kids active and in shape.

They help us take chances:  Fathers, either by challenging or being physical, encourage kids to take risks whereas moms are more in favor of us playing it safe.  (Stamp-collecting over motor-cross as it were.)

They are half of who we are:  We all need to know our roots.  Knowing both of our parents helps us build our identity and self-esteem.

They help us relate:  Whether you’re a son looking for a male role model or a daughter learning to relate to men, fathers play a key role in shaping our gender roles.

They make us smarter:  Because dads are less likely to talk “baby talk” whereas a mother will change her speech pattern to accommodate goo-goos and gurgles, babies with paternal bonding will have a wider vocabulary.

Of course, there are hundreds of other reasons to love and thank our fathers, whether it’s because he risked life and limb teaching you to drive or because he put in 40-hour weeks to get you to college.  Make sure to show your love and thanks this month!

Bamboo Baby Wipes: Eco-Friendly Care For Your Little One

Halle Berry keeps an eco-friendly nursery; Kate Hudson requested a unique eco-friendly baby shower gift; and Jessica Alba even went so far as to create an organic baby care line for her little ones!  But you don’t have to be a celebrity mom to give your baby an eco-friendly start to life (not with all the bamboo baby options available!).  Organic baby clothes and organic crib sheets offer smooth comfort and chemical-free options for moms and kids alike!

And once your baby is swaddled in a bamboo blanket or snuggled up in a bamboo onesie, keep protecting their delicate skin with bamboo diapers and baby wipes!  Sonja Sheasley, a new mom in Cape Cod, is a mother who took matters into her own hands when she became dismayed by the chemicals in baby products.  Experimenting with herbs and essential oils, she began making her own lotions, lip balms and even insect repellents.  After turning her kitchen into a laboratory, she settled on making baby wipes her primary product.  Sheasley studied up on the wet wipes available on the market and found they were full of harsh chemical preservatives and most are made from plastic.

“The more I thought about it,” Sheasley said, “the more I became propelled into the idea of mass producing baby wipes made from plant based material with a more natural solution.”

In 2009, she launched Bum Boosa (a play on the Latin word for bamboo) using the amazing sustainable and renewable bamboo plant for her material of choice!  Explains Sheasley, “Bamboo makes a better choice for a fiber than tree pulp, as you can harvest bamboo in 2-4 years while trees take upwards to 30 years.”

Like other responsible vendors, Sheasley interviewed her suppliers intensely and worked with an organic chemist to help develop her wet wipe solution which includes pure grade essential oils.

She now has three products on the market: bamboo baby wipes, diaper rash ointment with bamboo powder, and the first 100% bamboo (tree-free) bathroom tissue.  While it’s only local stores that carry Bum Boosa in stock, Sheasley has a large presence on the Internet and has even gone international with small distributors in Austalia, Canada, Columbia and the Cayman Islands.

Currently Bum Boosa manufactures a part of their line (the toilet paper to be specific) at an environmentally-friendly factory in China but the baby wipes and diaper ointment are produced domestically at facilities that operate on 100% renewable energy.  In addition to the testing and certifications required to maintain their credibility as a green business, the company participates in global reforestation efforts through Trees for the Future, and are a certified B Corporation which is a new type of corporation that must meet certain social and environmental performance standards, as well as use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

And like most small business owners, the dreaming and hard work paid off when a shipment arrived at her doorstep.

“I’ll never forget the day I received the first delivery,” Sheasley said, “it was really exciting to see my concept come to fruition.”

How To Make Bamboo Wedding Invitations

As we head into wedding season, mailboxes will be full of invitations decorated with everything from bows to pearls to even confetti.  Brides-to-be can draw upon the Four Treasures of China to create an elegant, unique (and even an eco-friendly) wedding invitation.  Sumi-e (similar to calligraphy) involves a series of brush strokes both light and dark depending on the significance of the character.  The goal of Sumi-e is not to simply reproduce an image but to capture its soul.  Sumi-e makes the first glimpse into your wedding a meaningful and beautiful one.

Here’s what you need to make your Bamboo Wedding Invitations:

    Bamboo paper scroll (if you can’t find one locally, try BlankWallScrolls or OrientalOutpost)
    Sumi-e set
    Water dish
    Distilled water

Here’s how to create your Bamboo Wedding Invitations:

    Lay the bamboo scroll out flat (and we mean flat!) in front of you.
    Prepare the sumi-e set by adding distilled water to the water dish.
    Place the ink stone (from the sumi-e set) on its tray.
    Begin writing your invitations:  Make sure to press very lightly with the pencil.  This creates a light base to trace with the sumi-e set.
    Dip the tip of a sumi-e brush into the water dish.  Sweep it across the top of the ink stone to saturate it with color.
    With the brush, go over the written words of the invitation.  Do this lightly, pressing the bristles of the brush into the bamboo.
    Let the scroll dry for 30 minutes.
    Once dry, roll the scroll up.  Tie with decorative ribbon for an added embellishment.

Let the first step in your journey to the altar be a beautiful one.  For more bamboo-inspired craft ideas, visit Green Earth News Bamboo Crafts section. If you are more inclined to purchase eco friendly wedding invitations visit to see a great selection of affordable wedding invitations and save the dates.

Making Food Sustainable: Consumers And Chefs Alike Influence Food Policy

Recently, Nick Wiseman of Huffington Post let it known that he found Thomas Keller’s recent comments about a chef’s responsibility disappointing. Namely, Keller stated that the chef’s responsibility is to create “breathtakingly delicious and beautiful food,” and, “not, as some of their colleagues think, to provide a livelihood for farmers near their restaurants, to preserve traditional culinary arts or to stop the spread of global warming.”

While no one can refute the right of a chef to choose their own ingredients and styles, is it not right to expect that each of us and our unique professions and lifestyle choices have a responsibility to work on global warming….  Chefs, particularly famous ones, have the potential to be tremendous leaders in regards to food policy and sustainable cooking.  Wisemen deftly quoted Julia Moskin who writes:  “Chefs at top restaurants influence the entire global food community with the way they think, write, tweet and talk about food — not just the way they cook it.”

And while chefs may wield the most influence, consumers and foodies everywhere can make more environmentally-aware food choices.  Much like the choosing of sustainable bamboo clothing over traditional fabrics benefits Mother Earth so does the decisions of what goes on a plate.

How do food choices affect the environment?

Soil conservation:   Soil erosion occurs naturally but the rate is increased by industrial farmland and the current rate of soil erosion on US cropland is 7 tons per acre per year.  Soil erosion causes a fertile farmland to become unusable for agriculture and in extreme cases can lead to desertification.  Even low rates of erosion damages land by reducing the capacity for soil to retain moisture and nutrients.  The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service calls erosion the single greatest threat to soil productivity and even before our farmlands grew to their industrial-sized capacity, Franklin D. Roosevelt noted that “a nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

Water pollution:  Another consequence of soil erosion is the pollution of waterways as runoff containing chemicals and sediments hits our water sources.  Animal waste from industrial farms also contributes.  The huge amount of waste created by industrial farms (i.e. – a single hog excretes up to 17.5 pounds of manure and urine daily so imagine the impact of 1000 hogs together!) is stored in “lagoons” on the farm that often leak or rupture or overflow.  Raw manure is up to 160 times more toxic than raw municipal sewage and certainly nothing that belongs in the nation’s waterways.

Water conservation:  Industrial farms are also less likely to practice water conservation techniques and recent EPA figures note that agriculture is responsible for more than 80% of the United State’s “consumptive use” of water (water which is not returned quickly to the environment).  For farms that don’t practice responsible irrigation or who use the “flushing” system to clean out animal houses use an incredible amount of water.  In fact, the USDA states that increasing water use efficiency on irrigated farms by just 10% could save almost $200 million per year!

Air pollution:  Once again, manure is the main culprit.  When stored for large periods of time in the “lagoons”, it decomposes and pollutes the air with hundreds of different gases.  Additionally, the cheap grain used to feed cows on many large farms increases the cow’s methane production as a cow’s body was not meant to digest the low-quality feed.  For other large-scale farms, fossil fuel pollution is a concern as they use gas-guzzling large equipment.  (Imagine the difference if they could use the poop to power the machines!)  Additionally, the transportation of food to markets has been the inspiration behind the local food movement.

Whether it’s stepping up to a national platform to encourage sustainable cooking or simply choosing a meat-free diet or a stroll through a local farmer’s market instead of the local supermarket, food choices have a huge impact on the environment.  Choose wisely and deliciously!

Mother's Day

Pagan holidays have evolved into many of our Hallmark holidays today.  Saturnalia became Christmas; All Hallow’s Eve became Halloween and even our celebration of that most important woman in our lives originated in ancient festivals as well.  Mother’s Day is this May 13th and the modern holiday of brunches and bouquets is one with quite a history.

In ancient Greece, the traditional holiday of Mother’s Day started out as a non-traditional feast for Cybele, an exotic, mysterious goddess who arrives at parties in a lion-drawn chariot accompanied by wild music and wine.  And while most of our mothers don’t make quite the entrance she did, Cybele was known as Magna Mater, “Great Mother.”

In ancient Rome, the festivities were centered on a celebration for the vernal equinox also honoring Cybele whom they considered the “mother” of all gods.  It coincided with the first day of the year that was longer than night meaning that winter gloom was gone and mother earth was brighter each day.  Their honoring of Cybele, though, was a solemn one with a statue of the goddess carried in a long procession complete with richly goods and precious works of art.

With the introduction of Christianity, the celebration to honor Moms became a part of the church calendar during Lent with the intent to honor the Virgin Mary and the “mother church.”  People would go “a-mothering” and visit their home church and family on what was then the only real holiday for the working class.  Children would pick wildflowers along the way home and gift them to their mothers and eventually this tradition became Mothering Sunday and included a tradition of gift-giving that we carry on to this day.

From a religious holiday grew a commercial holiday (no surprise there).

In the United States, Mothering Sunday was revived by Anna Jarvis [put this before the UK] who founded the Mother’s Day Work Club in five cities to improve sanitary and health conditions.  After her own mother passed, Jarvis began a nationwide campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday by the government.  Jarvis’ revival of Mothering Sunday caught on strongly in the 1920’s in the United Kingdom thanks in large part to the deployment of so many American soldiers during WWI and the eagerness of shopkeepers to market their wares. The holiday of Mother’s Day was promoted with zeal by the church and merchants alike.

While Jarvis herself became embittered by the commercialization of Mother’s Day, there is nothing kinder in my mind than a reason to buy your mother a gift to thank her for her kindness and sternness and patience and love.

Since it started off a celebration of a goddess, treat your mom like a goddess by indulging her with the gift of amazingly soft bamboo clothing or bamboo sheets!  Fresh new styles have arrived spring while bedding is available in a variety of colors and patterns sure to fit any mother’s décor.

Green Earth Bamboo is happy to help you pamper your mother with an incredible Mother’s Day Sale!  Between May 7th – 13th, receive $15 off any $100 order and free shipping on orders over $200!  Use Coupon Code MOTHER12 at checkout.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Green Earth Bamboo Sale: Shopping Green For Earth Day!
If we can celebrate Labor Day with appliance sales and commemorate Memorial Day by purchasing mattresses at incredibly low prices, then surely it makes sense shop green in honor of Earth Day.

Bamboo clothing offers a sustainable fabric option for eco-conscious shoppers.  Viscose from bamboo is harvested from the quickly growing bamboo plant growing at a rate of 1-4 feet per day.  Bamboo grows without the use of pesticides, herbicides and the earth surrounding needs not be disrupted as bamboo requires no irrigation and can be harvested by cutting at the root (leaving it to regrow).

While one might think eco-friendly clothing equals drab clothing, let Green Earth Bamboo prove that wrong!  Check out these NEW ARRIVALS of sizzling items for women featuring stylish cuts and fresh colors for spring!

Spruce up a closet with a versatile and beautiful Chloe Skirt with pockets that goes from day to night easily with its mid-length style.  Available in the staple black and for a bit of a kick to any outfit a Riviera blue is also available.

Add a bit of layering to a wardrobe with a Kalin short-sleeved top available in trendy stripes, beautiful basic colors of fern or black or a fun and lively Paradise pink!  For a long-sleeved look, choose the comfortable Lela top with dolman sleeves fitted just below the elbow.  Super soft and super sleek, the top is a perfect complement for bamboo skirts and bamboo pants!

Perfectly paired with bamboo leggings is this Maddy Tunic with a scoop neck and flattering drape for anyone still working on their summer swimsuit figure.

Don’t let the comfort end when it’s time for bed.  Snuggle into bamboo bedding wearing this ultra-feminine Luna Pajama set available in black, paradise pink and a soft peach.

Green Earth Bamboo is excited to offer Earth Day savings starting today and ending on April 23!

Get $10 off orders over $100 (use coupon code EARTHDAY10 at checkout) or get $15 off orders over $150 (use coupon code EARTHDAY15 at checkout).  In addition, receive Free Shipping on all orders $200 and over!

Happy shopping and Happy Earth Day!

Photo Invitations
When I need invitations I order them online at They have very unique invitations to choose from to fit everyone’s budget. Check out the graduation party invitations, discount wedding invitations and the photo invitations. I also like that you can order green wedding invitations made from recycled paper stock. Another fabulous place to shop on line is a fun little store called Green Earth Bamboo. I really like the bamboo towels. They are super absorbent and very luxurious. While you’re on this wonderful site make sure to take a peek at the bamboo clothing and bamboo sheets too.

You will find the most affordable wedding invitations They have graduation party invitations and anniversary invitations. I love the photo invitations. You will also find save the dates, themed wedding party favors, accessories and gifts. For those of you getting married they have wonderful wedding announcements to choose from too. Check out Green Earth Bamboo for all of you wedding gifts. They carry fantastic bamboo sheets and duvet covers in awesome colors and prints!


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